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Product Liability Attorney in Newtown Bucks County PAYou rely on the products you use to function properly. When something breaks or they are not properly labeled, serious accidents can happen. You may feel like you have nowhere to turn after your personal injury, but an experienced personal injury attorney can help you protect your rights. At the Philadelphia law offices of Stief, Gross, & Sagoskin, we can protect your rights in a products liability case.

A product can malfunction and cause injury for any number of reasons. Whether you were injured due to a defective design or you were using a dangerous product that was poorly labeled, you can take action against the manufacturer. As a consumer or injured worker, you should not bear the responsibility for a defective product. We protect individuals who have sustained serious injuries in a variety of product liability cases:

Industrial Workplace: With so many dangerous pieces of equipment, the smallest product defect can cause major injuries. From cranes and construction tools, to warehouse equipment and industrial products, we protect the rights of injured workers.

Consumer Product Liability: From pharmaceutical products to medical devices, you rely on the products you use to work correctly. If you have been injured by a dangerous product, we can help you file a product liability suit and protect your rights.

Auto Liability: The most dangerous product most people own is their own car. With stringent standards for crashworthiness, you car is designed to react properly in an auto accident.

At SGSG Law, we are not afraid to take on difficult cases. We pride ourselves on offering aggressive representation for people who feel as if they have nowhere to turn.

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