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COnstruction Accident Attorney PhiladelphiaAt SGSGC, experienced medical malpractice attorneys with outstanding reputations in Pennsylvania and beyond handle every case. You benefit from the fact that insurance companies, judges, and defense lawyers take us seriously, knowing that we have been doing this for decades, and that we do not take on frivolous cases.

Workplace safety regulations have come a long way in the last few decades. Advances like better hard hats, warning devices on vehicles, and maximum load ratings on scaffolding have saved countless lives. But those kinds of rules only work when they are followed. Too often, contractors and other responsible parties ignore guidelines, placing workers in excessive danger. Accidents, on-site injuries, and equipment injuries are still a pressing concern in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. If you are the victim of such a case, turn to the Pennsylvania-based construction accident attorneys at SGSG.

Pennsylvania juries often assume health risks are just a part of construction work. Pennsylvania law doesn’t see it that way, and neither do we. At SGSG, we have experience explaining to juries that some kinds of risks are simply unacceptable, and can cause untold damage. Let’s say a general contractor frames a house in the fall, and then lets it sit through winter. In Pennsylvania, it’s no secret that house could be inundated with falling leaves, snow, rain, wind, and freezing temperatures. By the time the sheetrockers arrive in spring, a worker might fall through a rotten plywood floor. In that kind of case, the general contractor could be held liable for failing to provide a reasonably safe environment to the subcontractor.

Of course, no matter what kind of construction accident you have had, there is never any expense to you-we front all costs, and recover the expenses only if your case ends with successful recovery.

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